We are proud to present three amazing forró DJs that will keep our feet busy on the dance floor. DJ Swingueiro (Luciano Alves) from Lisbon, DJ Chinedu from London and DJ Leo do Rio from Oslo will keep us entertained throughout the nights.

DJ Swingueiro

17549060_1282318308512213_1745587257_oLuciano Alves was born in São Paulo in the city of Osasco. He grew up in an environment full of Brazilian music and acquired the musical influences of his father, José Luiz, a percussionist, and his mother, Dagmar Alves, a Samba-Rock dancer. He entered the world of forró when he was only 12 years old and today he is a musician, percussionist, DJ and a researcher of forró pé-de-serra. He has already accompanied numerous forro pé-de-serra artists such as Diego Oliveira, Rouxinol Paraibano, Ó do Forró, Jorge do Rojão, Everton Coroné Trio, ForróBamba, ForródeKA, Bastião, Balanço Paulista and Trio Alvorada. He performed all over Brazil, more specifically in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais, and had the opportunity to experience the “old continent” in 2013, accompanied by Diego Oliveira on a tour in several countries, playing the triangle. He expanded his knowledge in forró in Europe when he decided to live and work in the world of music in London, where he animated the cold nights with weekly selections of tunes and participated as a zabumbeiro in concerts of various artists. His geographical location facilitated his mobility in Europe, and allowed him to play as a DJ and musician in forró projects in Portugal, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland. DJ Swingueiro is known for his rather eclectic style and his ambition to please everyone on the dance floor.

DJ Chinedu

13130963_10153710757878931_7850367271236570149_oChinedu discovered forró in 2013 in London and was captured by the dance. A particular song at a forró party caught his attention: Faroleiro from the album “Forro com Ary Lobo”, as he later found out from the DJ. This song was the catalyst from where he began his search for music of the Northeast of Brazil from the 40s to the present day. Chinedu’s DJ sets and musical interest are now inspired by the music of Luiz Gonzaga, Marinês, Ary Lobo, Genival Lacerda, Zito Borborema, Gordorinha and Messias Holanda, Trio Dona Zefa, Duka Santos, to name but a few. When he first encountered forró, he never imagined where it would take him. He has since travelled to Brazil for the Itaunas Festival FENFIT and Nata Forrózeira. These experiences further raised his appreciation for forró pé de serra and exposed him to the alternative approaches of how Forró DJs delivered their sets and the kind of vibe they created at parties. He has developed his unique signature as a DJ and pushes himself to create a musical environment that gets forrozeiros dancing non-stop!

DJ Leo do Rio

17622436_10209859283981918_938237624_oComing straight from Rio de Janeiro to European lands, Dj Leo enchants with his variety and tropical swing. Borned and raised at Rio de Janeiro, this true carioca has samba and forró in his veins. His set-list expresses this intimate relationship of love and passion for brazilian music. In Brazil, he participated and produced forró and samba parties and festivals. Passing through the south of France in 2008, where he had a Brazilian fanfarra group – batucanfare -, Dj Leo do Rio played the dancefloors of the most important tropical parties of the region. Living in Paris between 2011 and 2015, Dj Leo do Rio shake the dancefloors of Blizzart, Forrobodó, Belleviloise and Los Mexicanos. Now, he resides in Oslo and have played in major clubs such as Ricksenen, Månefisken, and Sjakk Matt. He carries a big musical repertoire, an exciting sound journey that he has been sharing with the public in Brazil and now in Europe.