Sarah Collings

Sarah’s long-standing love affair with forró began as a mild flirtation in Milan when the two were introduced by a Brazilian friend.

When she arrived in Brussels in 2013, forró was virtually unknown there. So to keep their romance alive and kicking, Sarah quickly started to contribute to the organisation of workshops and other events, which have built a thriving community of forrozeiros.

As the relationship deepened, Sarah travelled all over Europe and to Brazil to study with different teachers. Making the most of her background in sports and language education, she launched and teaches several weekly classes in Brussels (2014) and Leuven (2016).

Inspired by the technical and creative insights gained from her work with Ricardo Ambrózio and other experienced teachers, Sarah has developed a teaching style all her own, that is clear and precise, dynamic and interactive.

Sarah believes that, above all, forró is about connection and community. Her classes emphasise the importance of listening, attention and connection with our partner, and musicality.

After several years of studying together, Sarah and Ricardo formed an official partnership in 2016 which took them to festivals across Europe, teaching and performing.

2016 also brought Sarah new opportunities in the homeland of forró: she was invited to teach at Forrozeá, a forró festival in Santos, São Paulo, taking this love story back to its roots.

Sarah co-organises the festival Ai Que Bom Brussels, now in its third year.