Aleksei Pak

Originally Korean and born in the USSR, Aleksei was first introduced to forró, capoeira and other Brazilian cultural activities in 2008. They brought a lot of happiness and friends in his life and helped him to become healthier and more social. Since then, he has participated in many workshops, festivals and concerts, and the more he learns about forró, the more it inspires him.

His love for forró deepened in 2013 when he made his first trip to Brazil. After that, he wanted to both learn and share forró in a more active way. He started to teach in St. Petersburg and go to workshops in many countries. He also established a forró club called ForAll. Since 2015, he has been a guest teacher in many cities in the European forró scene: Lisbon, London, Berlin, Freiburg and Darmstadt.

In forró, Aleksei loves its naturalness, freedom and rhythmic diversity. As a dancer, he doesn’t specialize in one style of dancing because he believes that the way you dance depends greatly on the music being played on the dance floor. Forró has so many rhythms that it’s not possible to express it with one style only. As a teacher, he uses his previous background in sports as well as his knowledge of music to explain complicated movements in a simple and natural way. He loves giving classes about musicality, footwork and energy.